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Almost everyone is allergic to writing!

It can be daunting.
It can be time-consuming.
It can be downright nauseating.

Throw in the prospect of limiting your thoughts to Amazon’s strict word count while trying to create sell-worthy SEO content and writing becomes an absolute nightmare. Plus, you’ve got to do keyword research. How dreadful!

You’d benefit tremendously by outsourcing your SEO copywriting to marketing professionals who love to write direct response copy. Led by a professional SEO and PPC specialist and a published copywriter and business writer for major trade publications, Jungle Hustle promises to deliver outstanding copy.

But wait, there’s more! We'll throw in FREE keyword research when you purchase our copywriting service.

Here’s what you’ll receive with our copywriting service:

  1. Product Name/Title
  2. Key Product Features (in bullet point format)
  3. Product Description
  4. Suggested Search Terms
  5. Keyword Research using multiple sources
  6. Up to six revisions, as required

Get Started in as Little as 6 Minutes.
Contact us by email, phone, or our contact form. Send us the following information:

Product Information. Describe what your product is.

Key Benefits. Tell us what your product does and how it will help your customers.
Target Audience. Give us an idea on your target customers. Gender, age, and any other relevant information will help us choose the appropriate tone and vocabulary in the copy.
Amazon Site. Let us know which Amazon site you will use to sell your products. This will help us determine which spelling conventions to use.
Amazon Category. The category information will help Jungle Listers apply the correct Amazon style guidelines.
Brand Name. We’ll apply this to your product name to comply with Amazon Style Guidelines.
Materials / Ingredients. Please provide a complete list of all materials and/or ingredients used in your product.
Product Features. Mention any other important aspects of your product. Ie. size, quantity, alternate capabilities, etc.
Pictures. Photos aren’t required but can be helpful for hand-crafting great copy.

We’ll get back to you ASAP with information regarding the production lead time, price, and payment information. Our standard lead time is about 5 days.

After we're finished, you'll receive a final copy in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The content will be completely ready for you to copy and paste into your product listing in your Amazon Seller Central account.