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Amazon's competitive landscape is constantly evolving. From Amazon’s ban on incentivized reviews to surprising algorithm changes, sellers are bombarded with unique challenges concerning competition and sales. As an online entrepreneur, you are most likely used to pivoting your business to appease your customers and comply with all of Amazon’s policies. 

We have good news. Product photos aren’t going anywhere! 

Photos are one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal of online marketing techniques. Shoppers remember 80% of what they see and only 20% of what they read. Understandably, customers want to have a thorough look at products before making a purchasing decision. 



As a busy business owner juggling multiple tasks, overlooking the need for quality product photography can become second nature. Don’t fall victim to second-rate photos. You are most likely leaving money on the table if you do. Jungle Hustle customers have reported up to 30% increase in sales volume after posting our photos. 

Outwit your competition by investing in quality product photos. Jungle Hustle offers three levels of product photography services. All three service levels include:

  • Seamless white studio photos
  • Lifestyle photos with an experienced model
  • Annotated images
  • Environmental photos

If you’re interested in increasing sales through professional product photography, simply fill out the contact form. Tell us your ASIN (if it already exists) or your product name & description. We’ll let you know how we can help you.

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"We came to Stacy at Jungle Hustle to improve the quality of our Amazon listing images. We were very impressed with her professionalism throughout the entire process, from concept to finish. We got a nice variety of images to choose from in relatively short turn around, definitely exceeded our expectation! Those images clearly show Stacy’s creativity and attention to details.

We are pleased to report that our sales number has increased about 30% since we added the new images to our listing. Definitely recommend Stacy to those looking to improve Amazon listing images and conversion!"

-Hanny & Mike


Increase Organic Clicks & Sessions

A great photo will capture the interest of shoppers. A persuasive main image will get you one step closer to that next sale.


Boost Sales Volume

When images are enticing and accentuate all the best features of your product, customers are more likely to purchase.


Establish Brand Trust

A professionally shot image of your product’s branded logo will help shoppers trust your brand.

Increasing Conversions With Photos

Amazon gives brands between 7-9 image placements per product listing. Through tried and true experience, Jungle Hustle has developed a formula to optimizing all your photos for better conversions and clicks.

4 Types of Photos

Included in All Jungle Hustle Pricing Packages

1. Seamless White Studio Photos

With over 40 million SKUs to compare, Amazon shoppers are inundated with product listings. The main product photo is the first image the customer sees in the search results. It’s imperative to display a product image that identifies your shoppers’ needs effectively within a fraction of a second. Jungle Hustle’s main image will entice customers to click on your listing. You’ll be a giant leap closer to cashing in that sale. Once a shopper enters your listing, the customer expects to learn more about your product. Additional images with a seamless white background is an effective way to display different angles and highlight features of your product.


2. Lifestyle Photos With a Model

A great salesperson is a master at convincing people how a product will solve problems or improve lives. Like a salesperson, a great lifestyle photo should convey a story that will solve your customer’s main issue. Many Amazon listing services bypass the use of models; however, models are an integral aspect of building brand trust and evoking human-to-human connection. Software company 37signals reported a 102.5% increase in customer signups after adding a model to their product page. We'll research your marketplace and choose models that reflect the demographics of your customers. We'll work with agencies and independent contractors to find the right model for your product.


3. Annotated Images

Displaying images with key features, key benefits, safety assurances, awards, or media features could help customers reach their purchase decision. Through deliberate copywriting techniques and optimized images, we will provide annotated images that sell.


4. Environmental Photos

We’ll photograph your products in a suitable environment to add context and introduce brand associations into the minds of your shoppers. Environmental photos can convey a more fine-tune understanding about your brand and cater to your particular customer profile. When appropriate, we’ll display copywriting in overlays to enhance the sales message.


Contact Us

Email us a quick description of your product. We'll let you know how we can help you.

How To Order Jungle Hustle Photos

Ordering product photos has never been this easy!


1. Give us a heads up.

Contact us by email or contact form. Let us know what you’d like us to photograph. We'll let you know if we can help you. If we're a match, we'll send you a photo plan, quote, payment information, client contract, and shipping address.


2. Ship your products.

Ship your product to our studio. In the meantime, we’ll discuss your photo expectations and answer all of your questions. Your happiness is extremely important to us. We will do everything it takes to deliver stunning photos that convert and leave you satisfied.


3. We’ll take care of the rest.

Once we receive your product, we’ll take the photos and send you sales-enhancing photographs via Google Drive. Your images are easy to download and royalty-free!

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